Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the pioneering paper of V. Veselago

In 1968 the English translation of Viktor Veselago's paper "The electrodynamics of substances with simultaneously negative values of ε and μ” appeared. This work can be considered as an "ignition" of the metamaterials concept, which inspired many researchers and changed the standard way of thinking about waves in media.

Despite the fact that these incredible ideas remained unnoticed for a long time, this millennium recognized their significance. Already in 2003 such events as the DARPA Workshop on Negative Index MetaMaterials gathered many of nowadays known scientist for discussion of new research horizons.

DARPA Workshop on Negative Index MetaMaterials, 2003

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of this seminal paper, a special event will be organized on Wednesday, August 29 as a part of the Metamaterials’2018, including:

  • Short talks, reflecting on the early history of metamaterials research 
  • Exposition of metamaterials samples
  • Small drinks and treats, followed by the Gala Dinner.

The event will take place in Dipoli, the main building of Aalto University, which is located in Otaniemi Campus, Espoo.

On the stage: D. Smith, J. Pendry, R. Ziolkowski, N. Engheta, G. Eleftheriades, M. Wegener.



All interested to participate in the sample exposition, feel free to contact the local organizers: Svetlana Tcvetkova, svetlana.tcvetkova”at”aalto.fi.


Professor Victor G. Veselago passed away in Moscow on September 15, 2018. Here you can hear his greeting to the participants on this anniversary event (link to the voice file).

Translation: Dear colleagues! Today we celebrate 50 years since the beginning of research on materials with negative refraction. I am pleased that the ideas presented in the paper published in 1967 have been experimentally confirmed and laid the foundation for a new, quickly developing research direction. Now it is clear that this work influenced also other branches of physics. I am sorry that I am today not with you. I greet all of you and wish you success in your work. 

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