Special Sessions



Organizers: M. Kafesaki and S. Tretyakov

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Tie Jun Cui, Southeast University, "Information Metamaterials: Real-Time Information Processing Systems" 
  • Fu Liu, Aalto University, and Odysseas Tsilipakos, FORTH, "Electromagnetic Aspects of Practical Approaches to Realization of Intelligent Metasurfaces"
  • Alexandros Pitilakis and Anna Tasolamprou, FORTH, "Software-Defined Metasurface Paradigm: Concept, Challenges, Prospects"


Organizers: A. Zayats and S. Maci

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Filiberto Bilotti"Roma Tre" University, "Metatronics Concept and its extension within the H2020 NanoArchitectronics Project: Definition and Potential Impact" 
  • Jean ChazelasTHALES-SA, "Nanoarchitectronics: the new paradigm of airborne systems"
  • Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania, "Structured waves"
  • Stefano MaciUniversity of Siena, "Nanoarchitectronics"
  • John PendryImperial College, "Metamaterials in the time domain"


OrganizersC. Ciracì, A. Moreau, D.R. Smith

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Sergey Bozhevolnyi, University of Southern Denmark, "Gap-plasmon based metasurfaces with diversified functionalities" 
  • Maiken MikkelsenDuke University, "Nanogap plasmonics: Dynamic tuning, perfect absorbers and photodetection"
  • Antonio I. Fernàndez-DomìnguezUniversity of Madrid, "Light-Forbidden Transitions in Plasmon-Emitter Coupling"
  • Soren RazaTechnical University of Denmark, "Gap plasmons explored with electron energy-loss spectroscopy"
  • Giuliana Di Martino, University of Cambridge, "Using Optical Nanocavities to Improve Devices"

Organizers: D.R. Smith and S. Maci

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Ariel EpsteinTechnion, "Engineering diffraction with analytically designed metagratings" 
  • George Eleftheriades, University of Toronto, "Recent Advances in Huygens’ Metasurfaces"
  • Anthony Grbic, University of Michigan, "From Cascaded Metasurfaces to Compound Metaoptics"
  • Hossein Mosallaei, Northeastern University, "Electrically tunable metasurfaces"
  • Dan Sievenpiper, University of California - San Diego, "Line waves and unidirectional propagation on metasurfaces"
  • David R. Smith, Duke University, "Multiscale Modeling of Electrically Large Waveguide-Fed Metasurface Apertures using a Coupled Dipole Approach"
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